About Us

Our Company

Confidia Limited (Public Company) trading as "HowToPay.com". was founded in Australia.

What We Do

We provide reliable, easy to use and secure payment and billing solutions. We assist Merchants to identify clients for KYC prior to connecting them to localised Payment and Billing solutions. Our SAAS POS (Point Of Sale) service assists thousands of small and medium operate essential payment and billing systems.

The Technology

We manage our own Servers and Global PCI Compliant software and solutions. From a single API we can assist merchants reduce fraud while meeting KYC and AML requirements. We offer POS and Billing solutions as a SASS (Software As A Service) to our global clients.

HowToPay has been assisting Small Businesses to access Secure Online and Offline Payment, Billing and Invoicing solutions since 2002 in partnership with a number of Banks.

We specialise in Billing Systems, System integration and Online shopping carts that allow Small Business to have a range of options to accept Payments globally.

We started out assisting Telecommunications / Internet and Telephone Services Providers with secure Billing and payment solutions. From this we have now expanded into supporting many other Online eCommerce businesses.

With the introduction of KYC (Know Your Customer) as a standard practice we now assist Merchants to identify clients that they conduct business with online reducing fraud and meeting AML (Anti Money Laundering) obligations. Our clients are better protected from online fraud.


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